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RLSS UK - Emergency Response Pool

The Emergency Response (ER) Pool programme is not a lifeguard qualification. It is a responder qualification designed to train ancillary staff to respond to a swimming pool emergency once the alarm has been raised. ER Pool is designed for small pools no greater than 1.5m in depth such as health club or hotel pool.

Who should attend?

Anyone who works in swimming pools that may be required to assist and support the lifeguard team (if available) and staff to respond to an emergency.


- Be able to swim at least 25m continuously on their front and on their back
- Surface dive to the deepest part of the pool
- Climb out of the pool without help and without using steps or ladders (where venue design permits)

To gain the ER-Pool qualification candidates must:

- Be aged 16 or older at the start of the course
- Complete at least the minimum training hours for the course
- Successfully complete the course assessment.

What is the duration of the course?

For new candidates with no previous experience 14 hours

How is the course assessed?

It is continuously assessed by the course tutor and both the course and assessment is divided into three sections:
- Section 1: The Emergency Responder’s role, Pool Safety Operating Procedures, Types of Pools & swimmer safety information
- Section 2: Responding to an emergency and the Emergency Action Plan
- Section 3: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid

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