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First Aid

Emergency First Aid For Babies

This course is designed to introduce anyone who cares for a baby to some basic emergency first aid skills.

- 9 out of 10 parents don't know basic first aid skills that could help them to save their child's life, and only 20% of parents in the UK think that they could resuscitate their child.
- 22% of parents have suffered the distress of watching their child choke and 'didn't know what to do'.

Nationally, a third of parents say they or someone that their child visits has a pond and only 61% of these ponds are securely covered or fenced

This course covers how to administer Life Support for a baby who has stopped breathing, or who is choking, and an explanation of what to do in a drowning incident

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"The course was relevant to my job, and very well taught" "The approachable friendly tutor made it easy for me to learn"

"Tina was outstanding as a first aid instructor with both practical and theory"

"I felt I could ask as many questions as I liked in a relaxed atmosphere"

"Tina was excellent at delivery, and all the handouts were great"

"Very good method of teaching"

"I felt welcome, the teaching was clear and Tina provided excellent explanations"