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Emergency Response First Aid in the Workplace

This is a basic 3 hour programme which enables learners to have the knowledge and skills to carry out immediate life saving procedures whilst awaiting the arrival of further qualified staff arrive on the scene.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone who would like to have the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with a cardiac arrest as well as students on gym instructor/sports coaching courses who have to hold an emergency aid certificate before they can complete their course e.g. CYQ Certificate in person training.

How long is the course?

3 hours

What is the maximum number of learners that can attend?

There is a maximum of 12 learners allowed on one course for quality of training purposes

How are learners assessed?

The course is continually assessed by the trainer.

Is there are certificate awarded at the end of the course?

All successful learners will be awarded an Emergency Response attendance certificate which is currently valid for 1 year.

What topics does the course cover?

- Introduction & Welcome
- Arriving at the scene
- Action in an emergency
- Primary Assessment
- Secondary Assessment
- Principles of Resuscitation
- Choking
- Assessment

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"The course was relevant to my job, and very well taught" "The approachable friendly tutor made it easy for me to learn"

"Tina was outstanding as a first aid instructor with both practical and theory"

"I felt I could ask as many questions as I liked in a relaxed atmosphere"

"Tina was excellent at delivery, and all the handouts were great"

"Very good method of teaching"

"I felt welcome, the teaching was clear and Tina provided excellent explanations"